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imagine bucky and steve taking shots of like 100 proof vodka and trying to get DRUNK and steve is totally unaffected but after the 20th shot or something bucky is drunk as fuck and he looks at steve really seriously (while swaying slightly in his chair) and steve is kind of nervous because bucky hasn’t looked at him this intently since before the war when steve came home with two broken ribs and bucky just stared at him for five minutes before giving him the longest lecture of his entire life so yeah steve is kinda nervous. finally bucky rubs his hand over his face, sighs and says, “steve, i fucking hate it when you wear khakis” and steve laughs so hard he can’t breathe

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i just realized that maria hill reports directly to fury and natasha reports directly to fury and melinda may reports directly to fury and they’re the only ones we see regularly speaking to him

all three of director fury’s closest lieutenants are women how metal is that



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Re-Spun Tales Annabel Lee, by Edgar Allan Poe, as a rusalka

Besotted with Annabel Lee, though she rebukes his affections, the poet purchases a love potion that unwittingly poisons her. Distraught to find her dead, he tosses her body into the ocean, ready to follow her into the depths himself, but too cowardly at the last minute. Unable to live with the truth he concocts a love poem that gains him fame. Many moons later, he is amazed when he spots his fair Annabel rising from the water. He confesses to her the truth and she pulls him into a kiss, so deep and intense that he falls into the water. Though he scrambles to swim, he cannot escape her iron vise and her kiss drowns him. Annabel has returned as a vengeful rusalka who drowns all men who ventures to the kingdom by the sea,.

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